• Scholarly Society-Library Partnerships Webcast Now Online
    Posted on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 12:04pm

    Back on August 6, 2009, Open Folklore project team members Jennifer Laherty (IU Libraries) and Jason Baird Jackson (American Folklore Society) participated in a webcast produced by the Association for Research Libraries (ARL). The video archive version of this webcast, which was on “Reaching Out to Leaders of Scholarly Societies at Research Institutions” is now available online. The event lasted one hour. Jennifer and Jason were the first of two pairs of speakers. They present after about five minutes of introduction from the ARL staff organizers who spoke on the general goals of the initiative of which the program was a part. Q and A follows the second presentation on data projects in astronomy (by Sayeed Choudhury and Robert Hanisch). Interested Open Folklore visitors can find the webcast via this link:

  • Large OA Journal Effort for Folklore Studies Underway in India
    Posted on Sun, 12/28/2008 - 11:00am

    Those interested in the development of open access projects in folklore studies will want to keep tabs on an ambitious gold open access journal publishing effort for folkloristics and neighboring fields (ethnomusicology, tribal studies, regional studies, and performance studies) that is underway in India. The National Folklore Support Centre is using Open Journal Systems to host fourteen journals, both new and established. Some have been publishing for some time, others have launched with inaugural issues, others are announced but still in the works. The journal editorial offices seem to span India, with a diversity of editorial teams and research concerns. See what the effort looks like at the NFSC portal, here:
    Congratulations to all involved.