• Anthropology of East Europe Review Now a Gold OA Journal, Joins IUScholarWorks Journals Project
    Posted on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 11:07am

    Congratulations to everyone involved in moving the journal Anthropology of East Europe Review to the IUScholarWorks Journals project. Now in its 28th year of publication, you can find the current issues as well as the journal’s rich backfiles online at http://scholarworks.iu.edu/journals/index.php/aeer/issue/current.
    AEER is edited by Dr. Sarah Phillips of the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University. The journal should be of special interests to Open Folklore users interested in the folklore and ethnology of Eastern Europe.
    Fund for Folk Culture Publications Available Online Through Indiana-AFS Partnership
    7 Dec 2009 - 6:08pm Editors note: The following comes from a American Folklore Society news release from late 2009. The Fund Folk Folk Culture materials described here now constitute part of the core Open Folklore resource corpus.
    The Indiana University Bloomington Libraries and the American Folklore Society, in partnership with The Fund for Folk Culture are pleased to announce the availability of a series of policy publications created by The Fund for Folk Culture.
    The Fund, which was created in 1992 and suspended its programs in early 2009, supports the creation, conservation, innovation, and value of traditional culture and folk arts in community life through grantmaking, convenings, the creation of networks, and research and publications, all focused on issues critical to artists, tradition bearers, and the organizations supporting their work. Its goal is to "create a world in which diverse cultural heritages are honored and all people have the right and resources to exercise preservation of their cultural traditions and to create new traditions for the times."
    The body of Fund for Folk Culture publications now available includes a three-part Issues in Folk Arts and Traditional Culture Working Paper series; reports on three meetings devoted to the examination of issues facing refugee and immigrant communities, and individual folk artists, in the US; a report on the "Folklore's Futures: Scholarship and Practice" symposium sponsored by the Fund and the American Folklore Society in 2006; and two monographs, Culture and Commerce: Traditional Arts in Economic Development and Envisioning Convergence: Cultural Conservation, Environmental Stewardship and Sustainable Livelihoods. Other Fund publications will be made available in the near future.
    These published works are being made available in digital form as part of the IUScholarWorks Repository. In this form, each published work has a durable URL (web address) that will remain stable, insuring that future citations to this work will lead back to the full source itself. This published work is fully open access and documents are provided in PDF format. The IUB Libraries are committing to the migration of these materials to future file formats so as to preserve the availability of these works. The IUScholarWorks Repository uses standard metadata protocols, insuring that the works included in it are easily findable through such services as Google Scholar and OAIster, the Open Archives Initiative database, a union catalog containing records for millions of digital scholarly resources.
    Now available and searchable in IUScholarWorks Repository, the publications of The Fund for Folk Culture join a growing corpus of fully accessible publications in folklore studies, including the full back files of The Folklore and Folk Music Archivist and Folklore Forum. The IUB Libraries and the American Folklore Society are exploring the possibility of other partnerships to create greater accessibility for important classes of publication in our field that are presently without a long-term digital home.
    Find the publications of The Fund for Folk Culture online here: https://scholarworks.iu.edu/dspace/handle/2022/3850

  • Scholarly Society-Library Partnerships Webcast Now Online
    Posted on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 12:04pm

    Back on August 6, 2009, Open Folklore project team members Jennifer Laherty (IU Libraries) and Jason Baird Jackson (American Folklore Society) participated in a webcast produced by the Association for Research Libraries (ARL). The video archive version of this webcast, which was on “Reaching Out to Leaders of Scholarly Societies at Research Institutions” is now available online. The event lasted one hour. Jennifer and Jason were the first of two pairs of speakers. They present after about five minutes of introduction from the ARL staff organizers who spoke on the general goals of the initiative of which the program was a part. Q and A follows the second presentation on data projects in astronomy (by Sayeed Choudhury and Robert Hanisch). Interested Open Folklore visitors can find the webcast via this link:

  • Large OA Journal Effort for Folklore Studies Underway in India
    Posted on Sun, 12/28/2008 - 11:00am

    Those interested in the development of open access projects in folklore studies will want to keep tabs on an ambitious gold open access journal publishing effort for folkloristics and neighboring fields (ethnomusicology, tribal studies, regional studies, and performance studies) that is underway in India. The National Folklore Support Centre is using Open Journal Systems to host fourteen journals, both new and established. Some have been publishing for some time, others have launched with inaugural issues, others are announced but still in the works. The journal editorial offices seem to span India, with a diversity of editorial teams and research concerns. See what the effort looks like at the NFSC portal, here:
    Congratulations to all involved.