Web Archives

The Web is democratic, and the typical search engines do not discriminate, so identifying reliable scholarly content in a sea of search returns poses a challenge.

In addition, because of financial or other issues, websites and the organizations that create them can disappear.

Open Folklore archives a growing curated collection of websites relevant to the study of folklore to ensure that dependable website information about folklore will always be available to you.

Our collection emphasizes the websites of academic folklore departments and programs, and of public-sector and independent folklore organizations.

To archive this collection we use Archive-It, a subscription service from the Internet Archive, founded in 1996 to build an "Internet library" that provides permanent access to collections in digital format.

Open Folklore has two collections of selected and archived websites:

Examples of websites archived using the Archive-It service

You can help by contacting us if you publish or have published books and would like help to make them freely available online, or if you have recommendations of books that are already open access or that should be open access.